About Teresa Lampmann

Teacher, Facilitator, Spiritual Director, Mentor, Author

Teresa Lampmann

Working with women in spiritual direction engages me in the most amazing conversations about those things that really matter to women. Each woman’s story unfolds to reveal the depth of her courage in facing her fears and creating a life guided by what she knows in her heart is true.

I can say with deep gratitude and awe that these past 20 years providing spiritual direction to women individually and in groups have been incredible. In leading women’s retreats, facilitating women’s circles and authoring a book, I have been privileged to witness the collective spirit of women grow strong again. The common threads in women’s spiritual experience unfolded in the writing of, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, published in 2017.

My passion - to provide that place where women can safely speak about their spiritual experiences, tell their story and be heard, valued, affirmed, and believed. I spent 10 years researching women’s spiritual experience - taking courses, attending retreats, interviewing women authoring on the subject, and visiting centers for women’s spirituality across the nation. It led me to the vocation of spiritual direction.

I completed my formal training in spiritual direction and women’s spirituality in 1998 and then pursued training in feminist spirituality, feminist theology, and spirituality and leadership. I completed another level of training in spiritual direction in 2015 and began mentoring women in training to become spiritual directors.

This passion began 30+ years ago with a graduate course that blew me away! One of the texts was Sexism and God-Talk by Rosemary Radford Ruether. I was stunned by the realization that my faith tradition, and most in our culture, only references the male spiritual experience. Nowhere was there any reference to women’s spiritual experience authored by women with the freedom to speak their truth. I knew then I wanted to create a place where women could tell their story and be heard, individually and in circles with other women.