Spiritual Direction for Women

On-line Private Sessions

online spiritual direction sessions

Your life experience, your feelings, and your body hold true wisdom for your journey when you listen to your heart for the truth. As you share your story, your heart reveals the wisdom woven through all that is happening.

• What lifts your spirit and stirs your soul?

• Where are you finding joy?

• What feels truly meaningful?

Sitting together face-­to-­face through computer technology we are able to talk privately in a non-­judgmental environment about your spiritual journey – the challenges and the rewards – and the presence of true wisdom through it all.

Let’s meet for an hour. Together we:

• Look for true wisdom evident throughout your life experience as a woman

• Reflect on what is happening in your life now that needs your attention

• Listen for the truth to emerge from your heart to offer direction

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To schedule a one-­hour face-­to-­face private meeting through the internet, fill out the information below.

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To meet with me through the internet you will need:

• A quiet, private location to meet for the hour with no interruptions.

• An electronic device with speakers, a microphone, and web camera access for a face-to-face meeting (a PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or iPhone one-tap).

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Fee for a one-­hour session is $50. Payment details will be included in your confirmation email.
I look forward to meeting you and hearing where your journey has led you in this amazing adventure we call life!