The ABC Path toward True Wisdom

A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart is True

by Teresa Lampmann

The ABC Path toward True Wisdom invites you on an journey to connect with Divine Wisdom as a feminine source of intuitive knowing that comes to your aid when you seek answers.

Through stories, directed activities, and reflections you gain access to:

Your embodied wisdom as a woman that emerges from your life experience and family heritage

Your “soul-­map” as a woman that knows who you are and why you are here

Divine Wisdom that is ever present and ever guiding your journey to connect with your true self and be the authentic woman you were created to be

Through improved research on the biological design of women, studies reveal women’s bodies, minds, and emotions have intuitive and instinctual capacities. These channels of wisdom aid you in your search for what’s true for you.

This book helps you tap into those channels for guidance on your spiritual journey.

• When you are wrestling with life changing decisions, how do you gain insights that reveal who you are and what is best for your personal journey?

• When you experience tragedy, sorrow, and loss, how does Divine Wisdom reveal the deeper purpose and lead you toward hope?

Your heart holds the answer. Follow the three-­step process outlined in the book to connect with your heart and access the truth of who you are and what matters most in your life.

The more you practice trusting your heart, the easier it becomes to be your true self and live your life filled with joy.

The ABC Path Toward True Wisdom

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Free E-Books to Support Your Journey toward True Wisdom

Finding Joy in Troubling Times

Finding Joy Book

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“Waiting for joy to come to our door step is like waiting for Prince Charming to arrive with our glass slipper, a fairy tale. There is no "happily ever after" unless we create it for ourselves!” (From the Introduction)

How do you create a life filled with joy, your true “happily ever after”?

In this little book, colorful graphics and positive affirmations show you how.

The Persistent Path

A Mystical Tale of Finding One’s Truth

The Persistent Path

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The Persistent Path is a mystical tale of one woman’s struggle to discover where she belongs, to find her purpose and place in a world where she feels alien.

Learn how the process of writing an imaginative tale, invites the deeper story of a woman’s journey to emerge.

Follow the process to write your own fairy tale and discover the patterns and themes guiding your journey.

If your life were told as a fairy tale, what would your “happily ever after” ending look like?

The Path of Mended Wing

The Journey to Welcome the Divine Feminine Into Your Life

The Path of Mended Wing

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“Many years ago, my eldest son asked me what difference would it make if there were a feminine image of God, how would that change anything?” (From page 2)

Excellent question!

In The Path of Mended Wing, I share what I experienced in the difference it made when my relationship with the Divine Feminine developed.

The selected poems, prayers, meditations, and reflection questions are an invitation for you to explore what emerges for you.

The Path of Mended Wing is an invitation to open your heart to listen for the wisdom, love, compassion, and joy of the Divine Feminine guiding your way to the truth.

Share Your Experience

To get the most from each of these Free E-Books, share your experience with a trained spiritual companion. When you listen to your heart for the truth, some established beliefs may come into question. Working them out on your own can be like trying to apply make up without a mirror, you can't be sure of your accuracy.

A spiritual companion serves as your mirror. She (or he) is trained to listen with an open heart and reflect back what she is hearing you say that captures the spiritual wisdom of your experience. As with looking in a mirror, you can see if what she is saying conveys what is true for you, or if you need to clarify a few points for a more accurate reflection. This dialogue, called spiritual direction, opens you to a deeper awareness of the divine light, love, and joy guiding your spiritual journey.