Wisdom's Delight, LLC

Founded by Teresa Lampmann, Spiritual Director

I established Wisdom’s Delight to offer spiritual direction online for women. With today’s technology we are able to meet face-to-face for private one-on-one sessions. These sessions focus on your spiritual story as a woman – what stirs your soul, what gives your life meaning.

Spiritual Direction

As a spiritual director I create that safe and sacred space for you to connect with your:

Inner Knowing – Your intuitive wisdom embodied in your biological design, fine-tuned through your life experience, and deepened through your relationship with the divine

Soul Path – Your inner journey to open your heart for the truth of who you are and what you truly desire, your journey to wholeness and well-being

Spiritual Practice – Your daily ritual or intention that aligns you with your inner knowing, your soul path, and the presence of the divine

Your Spiritual Journey

The online spiritual direction sessions invite you to stop, look, and listen for true wisdom woven through your life experiences, guiding your journey to become your true self.

When you are free to give full expression to what you know in your heart is true, you live a more authentic and joy-filled life aligned with what you love, what nourishes your soul, and what gives your life meaning.

Women's Circle

The Divine Feminine

Here’s what I’ve witnessed in my 30-year quest to discover women’s spiritual story…

Women’s spiritual story has multiple perspectives, multiple images, symbols, and metaphors. However, collectively women’s stories give voice to the universal values women hold sacred; they embody the wisdom of The Divine Feminine.

When women gather, free to give full expression to their spiritual truths, they reclaim:

• The natural rhythms of their bodies as sacred rhythms with life-giving, life-renewing relevance

• Their emotions as powerful indicators of the truth of their experience, offering insight and direction on their journey

• Their access to intuitive and instinctual wisdom inherent in women’s design to ensure the survival and well-being of the human race

• Their spiritual connection with nature to reveal truths that withstand the test of time

• The sacred experience of sitting in circle with other women, sharing their truth, and aligning their power to bring the world into balance

Embodied in each woman’s truth is a spiritual aspect of The Divine Feminine and collectively women represent Her Wisdom and Wonder.